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About Sew-N-Such

Our wonderful staff at Sew-N-Such has always set the goal of taking your ideas and turning them into flawless pieces of wearable art that you are able to call your own.
Custom work and mending, we are here for you!

Our History


Sew N Such is a Toledo-based tailoring and altering company that is operated by Mary Cianci, creator of the popular style of hemming known as The New York Hem.


Sew n Such was started in 1984 by professional seamstress Mary Cianci.


The company has won multiple awards including Toledo’s best clothing outfitter.




Our Expertise


We specialize in all types of clothing creations and adjustments from tailoring and alterations to home decor.


Professional work is always at the forefront of our creations when it comes to items you would like custom made or changed in anyway.



Our Commitment


Our goal is to fix it, repair it, and get it back on you to wear it!


Our team of professional tailors and seamstresses is dedicated to making your clothes fit in a way that is both comfortable and stylish.

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