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Additional Services



We believe in giving our customers the utmost care all the way down to smallest details. Extending our knowledge and expertise we offer alterations services, repairs, measuring and more, ensuring the perfect fit for your attire.

 Our Services Include


  • Alterations​ - 

Alterations are less extensive changes to the garment that also change the way the garment fits, and are usually focused on one particular fit area. It could be as simple as taking up the hem on a pair of pants or shortening a sleeve.

  • Bridal Services - 

Bridal work is to style the ceremonial importance of the gown worn by the bride at a wedding. This can be oriented around the religion and culture of the wedding participants.

  • Coat alterations - 

​Coat alterations allows for a coat or jacket to slip on over other clothing easily, and linings add warmth to cold-weather wear.

  • Leather repairs -

​Leather is a very popular material with great attributes but the only downside is that it is very easy to scuff and scrape. We are able to buff out any issues you may run into with your leather materials.

  • Mending - 

Mending is to remove or correct any imperfections or errors you may find in your favorite clothing items.

  • Hemming - 

Hemming is to correct edges or borders on a piece of cloth, especially a finished edge, as for a garment or curtain, made by folding an edge under and stitching it down.

  • &  much more...

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